More details revealed of Angelina-Brad Divorce

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were one of the most adored couple of Hollywood. While their marriage lasted a few years, their divorce is being dragged in the court and could take a longer time.

Their divorce attorney explains that with the divorce, the issue of children’s custody is taking a long time. This is because their youngest kids, who are twins, are only 12 years old and the case could go on until they are 18 and can be independent themselves.

She further said that the issue is prolonged because neither Brad not Angelina are willing to give up the custody of the kids. Angelina wants to have the sole custodianship of the kids while Pitt is not agreeing to it. Brad is equally putting up the fight and Angelina will eventually have to share the custody. Angelina is changing her attorneys again and again only to win the case, the complete custody of the kids.



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