More than 2,000 children inflicted by cancer annually in Nepal

Nepal: Annually more than 2,000 children in the country are afflicted with one or the other type of cancer.

This information was shared in the Awareness Programme on Prevention of Cancer among Children. The programme was organised today under the joint aegis of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)’s Department of Health, the Lions Club of Kathmandu Harati Mata, Kashthamandap, UN Park and Gurans.

On the occasion, the speakers said that 300 thousand children worldwide and more than 2,000 in Nepal suffered from various types of cancer every year.

Dr Anjali Pandit of Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Harisiddhi, shared that children mostly suffered from blood cancer. She said besides blood cancer, they also developed cancer of the brain, backbone, glands, eyes, bone, kidney and muscles.

Dr Pandit stressed on timely treatment if symptoms like lump is seen in the neck, bleeding from the gum, spots in the eyes and tumors in the cheek as these are the symptoms of cancer. She added that cancer can be cured through treatment if the condition is diagnosed in time. Cancer in the girl child can be cured in two years and that in the boys in three years through timely treatment.

Dr Ashish Lal Shrestha of Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital said that it is possible to treat cancer in children in the country itself provided that the condition is diagnosed and treated in time.

He said cancer is seen among children if the mother consumes alcohol and smokes during pregnancy, due to radiation and harmful chemicals, living in polluted environment and excessive use of pesticides and genetic disturbances seen in the embryonic stage.

KMC’s Department of Health chief Balaram Tripathi said that many children in Nepal also are found suffering from various types of cancer which is a global problem and the KMC has been conducting several public awareness programmes for its prevention.

He expressed the commitment of the metropolis to move ahead together collaborating with different social organisations for improving the health of the Kathmandu denizens.