Most Important Interview Of Khan Before UN Speech

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has stated that Once India lift the curfew from Kashmir, there will be bloodshed for sure.

According to details, before his speech in United Nations (UN) Imran Khan has given an interview to American TV. While talking about lockdown in Kashmir, Imran said “There are nine hundred thousands Indian troops in the valley, and they blocked 8 million people in their homes. Once they lift the curfew there will be bloodshed, and that is the reason we want president Trump to intervene before things goes further. And that’s really my concern now, i mainly came to the United Nations to raised this issue to the world leaders,”

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During his interview, Imran feels that Donald Trump can solve the issue of Kashmir. “We feel that Donald Trump is the president of most powerful country of the world, The only person who could actually make a difference right now is president Trump, if he can mediate between us there could be peace,  there is huge humaility crisis bringing up, 8 million people have been locked inside Kashmir from almost 53 days, and so we hope that the US President would intervene,”

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“No sane man can thinks of a nuclear war or nuclear weapons, what needs to be done this thing should be immediately nipped in the bud, the where it is heading right now.” Imran Khan added.

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