Motorway Rape Protest: Was it a joke for the once harasser Frieha Altaf?

Karachi, 15th  September 2020: Fashion mogul Frieha Altaf has been alleged to take part in the motorway rape protest to gain media attention.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, Frieha Altaf who has been once alleged for the workplace harassment, was among the notable celebrities to attend the protest held against the motorway rape case in Karachi.

CEO of Catwalk Event Management and Productions, Freiha Altaf is a lady who is always in news for one thing or another. This time she got ready for the paparazzi’s attention by attending the motorway rape protest held at the Karachi press club.

Motorway Rape Case: Celebs protest at the Karachi Press Club

People on social media have shared a video of the fashion mogul and have raised fingers saying that this is the unfortunate elite of society for whom everything is a joke.

Netizens have shown concern over the attitude shown by Frieha Altaf, who was once alleged for the harassment case at her workplace. It is clear from the above video the non-serious attitude between the actress Sarwat Gilani and Frieha Altaf.

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Shamefully enough, they are seen taking it as a joke and for them, it is rather an entertainment to go out and attend the protest. They can be heard saying, “We are becoming a pro at attending the protests.”

Coming from a person who was accused by a former internee of her firm of harassment and abuse, it is clear that people don’t want Altaf to take part in such rallies and protest.

According to previous reports, Frieha Altaf, the country’s leading event management and PR company’s CEO was accused by her former employee of mental torture and insult.

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As reported by Express Tribune, and many other news websites on 19th January 2019, the girl, Neha Kewalramani took to her Facebook account where she told people about Freiha’s alleged mistreatment of her employees.

The post she shared on her Facebook account 8 months back was, “I had heard a lot about this lady always – bad words only. But I got the answer to it once I began working for her. She treats her employees like animals and slaves. Once you become a part of her company, you’re no more a kid of someone, or a brother neither a husband. Just a slave of Catwalk”.

People do not want such an elite class shallow personality taking part in a great cause.

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