MoU signed to for modern agricultural development in Pakistan


Lahore: A memorandum of understanding will be held between the Four Brothers Group and the Sri Lanka-China Business Council (SLCBC) for modern agricultural development in the country, SLCBC President Arabi Silva and Four Brothers Chairman Javaid Qureshi Wednesday signed a MoU in this regard.


SLCBC will coordinate investments of Shariah companies in the private sector and banks of China, Sri Lanka and Pakistan will take various steps for the development of agriculture under Belt One Road in CPEC phase II.
While AMCOT is going into a joint venture with Agriculture Modernization Triangle and Four Brothers Group, under which an initial investment of $300 million will be made in the project for which Chinese universities including China Ocean College and Offshore Agricultural Sciences Involvemenill take part.

The project will provide technical support. AMCOT will assist in the use of advanced science and technology in the processing and packaging of high quality seed greenhouse structures. It will provide 1500 acres of land and provide trained manpower which will create employment opportunities in the country. It will also provide Four Brothers Group testing facility.
Necessary security will also be provided to foreign experts under the agreement.
The project will provide expert support in the following fields including Fisheries Food Technology Food Safety Health Farming Veterinary Agriculture Marine Science.