Mubasher Lucman: Can MBS safeguard his position?

Saudi Arabia, 9th March: Pakistan’s senior anchor Mubasher Lucman, discloses in his latest video about the current attempt of a coup taking place in Saudi Arabia, against the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

Mubasher Lucman, on his Official YouTube Channel, quotes the Wall Street Journal and the BBC News, where both allegedly state the uprising rebellion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against MBS (Muhammad Bin Salman) by his own brother and two of his cousins along with one of their interior ministers, who were conspiring to kill the Saudi Crown Prince. There was a high-level crackdown where Saudi police have taken into custody 20 of their Royal Princes, two days before, on account of treason.

Saudi govt arrests 20 more princes, Arab media claims

Saudi Crown Prince has introduced many reforms in the country including the freedom of women in terms of driving vehicles and roaming around without a male chaperone. Cinemas have been opened for the citizens and western concerts have been arranged, which are huge steps towards major changes.

However, a typical Saudi and those who have been raised with narrow thinking were not happy with such reforms introduced by Muhammad Bin Salman, so they have openly opposed him.

Muhammad Bin Salman’s closeness with the American President Donald Trump and his son in law, Jared Kushner, is not liked by his counterparts. His lavish lifestyle is abominated among royals and is assumed that the decrease in the oil price has been beneficial to Muhammad Bin Salman.

Saudi Revolt: Oil prices crash amid clashes in the Royal family

According to Mubasher Lucman, an unconfirmed report was released a while back, stating that the Huthi Rebels have attacked the palace and Muhammad has been severely injured and his closest guards have been killed. After this, he went missing from the scene for a month and people assumed that the prince might have also been killed in the episode.

Finally, Muhammad Bin Salman made an appearance at the inaugural ceremony of FIFA World Cup and the rumours died down.

Mubasher Lucman, in his video, mentions the current events taking place in Saudi Arabia, the most notable was the arrest of top-notch business officials at the orders of the Crown Prince, who were then detained for few days at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and were ordered to pay a large sum of money to the Saudi government to get free.

This created a deep-rooted hatred against the Crown Prince from the business community as well. Only the traditional people belonging to the House of Wahhab or House of Saud/Al Saud Tribe, looking after the religious affairs have not stood against Muhammad Bin Salman.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus globally, Saudi Arabia has sealed its border and ceased the arrival of people coming from Iran, then they suspended the entry of the pilgrims to their holy cities Makkah and Madinah for Umrah.

Saudi Arabia suspends entry for pilgrims over coronavirus


According to Mubasher Lucman, some unconfirmed sources have reported two types of rumours concerning the Saudi Crown Prince: One of which states the death of Muhammad Bin Salman after the coup attempt, and the other states the Prince being severely injured.

Some inside sources also reveal that the Prince might have been infected with the virus and is undergoing treatment at an American Hospital, these are still the rumours yet to be confirmed.

Saudi Arabia reopens Mecca, Madinah holy sites after coronavirus closure


A campaign is supposed to start from the Khaana Kaaba, against the present regime of Muhammad Bin Salman and his father, the King Salman bin Abdul Aziz. The Crown Prince has serious threats to his life. It is thought that the control of the Palace, the Governor House of Makkah and Madinah and the important government buildings has been taken over from the Saudi army and handed over to the unknown foreign forces.

Now the security officials surrounding the palace are under suspicion and the frequent attempts of the attacks on the palace and the involvement of the Crown Prince’s younger brother, Prince Ahmed Bin Abdul Aziz and his nephew, lead to many speculations and make the whole plot more sinister.

Mubasher Lucman ends his video on a sceptical note, what will be the future of Saudi Arabia, can Muhammad Bin Salman hold his position any longer or not?

The time will reveal all and we know the outcome when a rebellion takes place in Saudi Arabia and those involved will be reprimanded. During this debacle, the Saudi economy and their oil will suffer the most.

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