Mubasher Lucman demands justice for the Muslims

Lahore, 26th Feb: In a video posted today, on the Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube channel, the senior anchor becomes emotional in addressing the issue of Muslim brutalities that are taking place in Delhi.

According to the reports, Muslims are being badly tortured in the Indian capital Delhi, since many days, after the Indian government passed the new Citizenship Law last year, which is against the Muslims living in India.

Mubasher Lucman, in his video raises a very valid question to all the human rights organizations, and asks, where is their presence, their role for the atrocities of Muslims in India? Watch his video at Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube channel:

He wants that the whole world should look towards the serious situation persisting in Delhi, and challenges the human rights organization to raise their voice against Modi’s vandalism.

Mubasher Lucman, on recalling the recent episode of the Indian Air Force pilot Abhi Nandan, whose jet was shot down by the Pak Airforce and was kept captive for 60 hours in Pakistan. He asks, where are those so-called people who came forward holding the placards for the Indian pilot’s release from Pakistan?

Now when the Muslims are in severe condition in India, why isn’t anybody raising their voice? Mosques are being humiliated in Delhi, people are being burnt alive, kids and women being harassed to the highest degree.

Deadly protests in Delhi over Citizenship Law

Depicting the real picture of the barbarism, that is occurring in the Indian capital, Mubasher Lucman continues his powerful speech, stating that Mosques all over Delhi are being ruined and demeaned, women are being raped and men are being cut off by the hammers brutally and all this is carried out in front of the police forces. These are the RSS Goons, which are being protected by the police themselves.

This type of brutality is one of its kind, as the ambulances carrying the injured people are being attacked by the Indian thugs. More than 200 Muslims have been tormented over there and people in India are well aware of this situation but are keeping quiet.

Police has locked up dozens of the Indian Muslims in jails without any reason, their businesses are being shut down, cars being burnt and what not. Even then, the world has sealed its lips and nobody is highlighting this issue.

Mubasher Lucman gets sensitive on the Kashmir issue also, and asks us to recall the exact number of days of the lockdown in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, but the truth is, nobody remembers exactly. This is so, because we have become cold hearted and self absorbed, not caring for our Muslim brothers facing torture at the hands of the Indians.

Kashmir, he says, has become the biggest prison of the world, the world's greatest barbarism is being carried out over there.

Mubasher Lucman Senior Anchor person

Around ten hundred thousand people have been massacred so far, more than 18,000 women have been raped over there, more than 12,000 children have been put under the blade and pallet bullets have made many, blind and disable.

Kashmiris are going through the worst ever situation, having no money and proper food to facilitate them and what to talk of their burials. People are burying their loved ones inside their homes without their proper burial clothes.

Modi, a modern day Mussolini

Mubasher Lucman, in this video states an incident with one of his previous Muslim collegue, who was working for a high profile Indian newspaper agency, was fired from her job yesterday. Her crime was, publishing two posts showing the true picture of Muslims in Delhi.

Muslim journalists are being abused, breaking their equipments and forcing them to chant the slogan of ‘Jai Hind’ or ‘Jai Ram’ and are beaten in the end, if they don’t express such words they are beaten to death.

Mubasher Lucman is angered at these circumstances and atrocities, to which the world has turned a deaf ear. The social media is full of such horrifying images and videos, how can people keep quiet?

Pakistan is a democratic nation and provides all sorts of freedom to it’s minorities, people from all religions can preach according to their will.

He ends his video with a question for the International Organizations and the people around, to come out and support the Muslims in India and Kashmir. He says that the people from all walks of life should raise their voice on all social platforms and play their part to stand with the innocent people, suffering at the hands of the Indians.



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