Muhammad ﷺ!

This name owns benevolence for all!

It brings the apex and surely no fall.

One utters it and lips feel its sweetness,

It yields felicity and rejoice of greatness.

Horoscope predictions for today January 14, 2022

Allah Himself adored it the most,

The celebrated and mentioned in cause.

I parked my hands when I spell it out,

Lest not respect goes less in any amount.

Here’s Why Lata Mangeshkar And Dilip Kumar Were Not On Talking Terms For 13 Years

In the darkest hour when being helpless,

There is no strength, standing clueless!

This name accompanies in evidence,

Shaping shield from Hand of Providence!

8 Killed, Several Injured in Train Accident

Since infinitive it became a prayer itself,

Blessing for all! He declared by Himself!

It replaces each sorrow with the joy,

Turning the difficulty in ease without cry!

Prince Andrew stripped of military titles, royal patronages

Muhammad is name, the most glistened!

Arisen at highest and crowned as the Chosen!

Aviation industry, backbone of world tourism

Covid-19 continues to spread, 7 deaths in Pakistan

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