Muhammad Khan Bhatti shocking video surfaces, exposes underhand agreement with superior judiciary judges


A new purported video of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf President and former Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi’s Principal Secretary Muhammad Khan Bhatti has come out on social media, in which Bhatti could be seen discussing names of the judges of the superior court.

In the video, Muhammad Khan Bhatti says that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Umar Atta Bandyal was not involved in any cases.

He claimed and alleged two judges were in board with him, Munib Akhtar and Ijaz ul Ahsan.

Mazahir Naqvi Sahib has raised the whole issue. He claimed the background of Mazahir Naqvi Sahib is that he has two sons, both of them are his front men, so they are involved in every wrongdoing, they do corruption, they do corruption from morning till night.

He alleged that PTI was also on baord with Mazahir Ali Naqvi sons alleged corruption as they make decisions in PTI favor.

Bhatti alleged that Mazahir Ali Naqvi sons took money  transfers, postings, they do everything and made very good money.

The person sitting in front asked Muhammad Khan Bhatti that how he was managing the Lahore High Court?

To which Muhammad Khan Bhatti,  replied that see the Lahore High Court, he had also taken the responsibility but Ali Afzal Sahi came in the middle.

“Ali Afzal Sahi said that I manage all this, Ali Afzal Sahi spoke to the Chief Justice. He said that the bench has to be made by me, no decision will come against PTI, not a single decision will come against PTI, so he will ask the Chief Justice about this, ” he alleged.

He claimed LhC CJ was getting benefits from PTI and they have also been getting all their work done.

Bhatti claimed LHC CJ  also taken Rs10 to Rs15 billion paper projects for their son-in-law.

The person in the video asked that What is this paper project? In response to which Muhammad Khan Bhatti replied that half of the work is done on it and the rest is just an eat and drink program.

Bhatti said that there is a personal relationship in the Lahore High Court, meaning Justice Shahid Karim, Justice Shahid Jameel, there is a personal relationship with them, there is also a personal relationship with Justice Farooq Haider.

He had an old relationship with him from the time he was a lawyer and my child has also been studying with his children.

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  1. charcoal grills 26 March, 2023 at 22:55 Reply

    The recent video footage of Muhammad Khan Bhatti has shocked many people, and for a good reason. It exposes the underhand agreement he had with superior judiciary judges, which is a grave violation of the justice system’s integrity. This is just another example of how corruption seeps into every aspect of society, and how important it is for us to stay vigilant and hold those in power accountable for their actions. It is comforting to see that such videos are surfacing, as it gives us hope that justice will eventually prevail.

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