Muhammad Rafiq Tarar: Paying homage to a man of substance

Tarar sahib leaves for his heavenly abode finally. Our relationship with the deceased spans over 60 years. He remained a good friend to the late Mian Akbar. As chief justice and the erstwhile president of Pakistan came twice to pay his respects to late Begum Akbar.

We have the deepest regard for their family. He had a distinct mark on the thumb of one hand. During one of his visits to Murree where we also, as children would often go, for vacationing together as a family. Mian Akbar late was there to welcome him at his residence at Cart Road. After they had had refreshments, they were ready for moving on to Ayubia to have a ride on the chairlifts.

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For some reason, Mian sahib had to leave for Gujrat. But wanted Tarar sahib to take one of my sisters who was only 5 or 6 years then. Tarar sahib along with Mir Bashir sahib of Ghakkar made it to Ayubia together. On the rides at Ayubia, Tarar sahib was accompanying my little sister.

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From one point to the other, finally, when they arrived, Tarar sahib in his attempt to lift the wiser, got this thumb of one of his hands stuck under the wiser. This story was revealed by Tarar sahib 40 years later only when he came to eulogize the death of my brother in law Dr. Shahid. He revealed the entire story to us and to my sister. They were great people in their own right. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. He remained too concerned about Imran Masood all this time for which we remain grateful to the family.

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Khawaja Asif, Mian Tariq, Imran, and I went to see him at the President’s House. We were given a warm welcome. Sat there discussing family matters. He had asked Khawaja Asif to get one of our private matters sorted out which I remember quite vividly. That was the kind of feeling and love he had for our family. May Allah grant him a higher place in Jannah. We pledge solidarity with them in this moment of grief.

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