Muslims start donating plasma to save Hindus in India

New Delhi: Muslims began donating plasmas to save Hindus and people against Muslims, from the devastation of Corona in India.

According to the sources, the latest information in this regard is that in the hospitals, the Tablighi Muslims are standing in queues to donate plasma and are looking forward to Help Hindus in need.

It is also learned that the same Hindu government officials who hated Muslims are today taking their plasma from the blood bank and showering flowers on the returning Muslims.

At the same time, the Modi government is being heavily criticized on social media, saying that those who were mocked and prosecuted by the Modi government are now risking their lives to give life to India.

It is also being said that the Indian anchors who used to say that the preaching Muslims are responsible for the spread of the corona virus in India, today the critics either do not show up or are standing in line to receive plasmas themselves.

Extremist Hindus are being sharply criticized on social media, saying that they should be ashamed that the same Muslims are saving their lives today.

Muslims cannot be terrorists Muslims sacrificed to liberate from British Even today Muslims are sacrificing to save India ‌

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