Myanmar: Australian publisher jailed over keeping drugs

Australian media publisher and co-founder of The Myanmar Times, Ross Dunkley, 60, has been jailed for 13 years over keeping drugs.

According to AFP reports, a Myanmar court announced a 13 year prison sentence for Dunkley, over a case of keeping drugs.

Last year, police found a stash of drugs, including crystal meth, Yaba pills, opium, marijuana and heroine, when his house was raided. Consequently, Ross Dunkley, his business partner John McKenzie and seven Myanmar nationals were arrested. Accusations have been denied by the defendants however no appeal against the sentence has yet been made.

Earlier, Ross Dunkley had been sentenced to a one-month imprisonment over an assault case where he was accused of attacking a woman at a nightclub in Yangon.

Myanmar’s strengthening drug industry, which is worth multi-billions, has made it to the rank of largest Crystal meth producer, with the fine quality drug reaching as far as Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney while the low grade “Yaba” pills being trafficked to Thailand, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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