Mysterious deaths of 3 specialist doctors need attention!

Lahore. 1st February: A case of mysterious deaths of three specialized doctors in Multan has risen suspicions among people close to them and the public.

According to news of Baaghi TV, last week Dr Azhar Hussain committed suicide after he shot his only daughter, Dr Aliza Azhar in his home.

Then a week after the horrific incident, Dr Saleem Mohib, brother of Dr Azhar was mysteriously found dead in his home too.

It is being suspected that these deaths are not a case of suicide, rather they are a murder case.

Sources close to the family have informed that Dr Aliza Azhar was a very capable and talented girl who had studied her MBBS degree from Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur.

Her father’s love for her and her love for her father was eternal.

Today an autopsy report revealed that Dr Aliza was shot directly under the ear and the bullet pierced her jaw and brain and went through the opposite ear.

A renowned doctor commits suicide after killing his daughter

As per reports, Aliza’s VIVA of her FCPS Part II was due. Her hotel and plane tickets were confirmed and her attendance at the shrine in Karachi was part of the same plan.

Meanwhile, the father had also ordered new notes from the bank for his daughter so that she does not contract the coronavirus from old notes.

At 11:11 am Aliza’s last message arrived on one of the Nishtar’s psych department’s WhatsApp number, and according to the autopsy, she was shot at 11:40 am and died on the spot.

This is also the time of death of Dr Azhar Hussain. The bullet had hit his right ear and went right above the left ear.

After all the research, it was concluded that the reason was an internal house fight, because of a woman, money or land. Suddenly there was anger among the family and the bullet was intended to be fired at Aliza’s mother, but instead, it hit Aliza, who died at the spot.

After seeing his daughter in a pool of blood, the father also killed himself. After a week, Dr Azhar Hussain’s brother Dr Saleem Mohib’s charred corpse was found on a chair where he was seated and had set himself on fire by spraying petrol.

Investigations have so far shown that perhaps the first incident was an accident and the second one is a deep secret related to this accident.

It is requested to the Chief Minister of Punjab to take stern notice of this incident. This is no doubt a mystery case of the unnatural death of three specialist doctors of this country.

Written by: Dr Affan Qaiser

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV  to read further details!

Suicide or Homicide? Renowned Doctors Die Mysteriously