NAB Pulls Out Khurshed Shah’s Assets Of Worth 500 Billion.

The National Accountability Bureau digs out assets worth 500 billion belonging to the Pakistan People Party’s leader Khurshed Shah. The Bureau has found documents which show assets of 500 billion registered on the name of PPP leader’s unnamed front men.

“Shah has opened as many as 105 banks accounts under his and family members name in Karachi, Sukkur and other cities,” says the NAB sources. The properties are said to be in Sukkur, Rohri, Karachi the document further unveils the glamorous Bungalow, Mukesh Flour Mills, Junejo Flour Mill and 83 other properties under the name of Shah’s front man, Phelaj Rai.
 NAB reports say a person named Umar Jan, also played a vital role for Khursheed Shah. The house and a bombproof car, in use of the PPP leader, are also registered under his name.
The leader has a number of front men. 11 properties are registered under his another front man Lado Mall and 10 properties were made under the name of Hussain Soomro, another front man of the PPP leader say the document.

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