NACTA devised a policy to curb the rising tide of extremism in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) has reportedly introduced a revised policy to curb the rise of extremism in Pakistan.

The draft policy of the action plan was presented to the federal interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. The National Action Plan was reviewed in August this year as a result of mutual consultation of various counter-terrorism and counter-extremism partners, after which NACTA took a major step towards eradicating extremism from the country and implementing the National Action Plan.

(NACTA) Coordinator Mehr Khaliq Dadlak presented the draft policy of the National Action Plan to the Federal Minister of Home Affairs. The draft policy consists of two parts, the first part of the draft defines the policy and the second part relates to its institutional implementation. Highlights the role of stripes and various departments.

More than 250 experts were consulted to draft the policy. Over the past three months, NACTA has consulted with various schools of thought at the provincial and federal levels, including journalists, scholars, intellectuals, minority representatives, lawyers, researchers, human rights organizations and civil society experts to formulate policy.

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