Nadia Khan Shares Opinion about Child Star

LAHORE (22nd Oct 2019): Beautiful Pakistani actress, Nadia Khan has talked about some serious issues of Kids.

According to details, in her show Morning @Home With Nadia Khan, Nadia Khan discusses parents who use to upload different kinds of videos of their kids. She has raised the point that such videos will be harmful for kids.

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She has also heavily criticised famous Pakistani kid, Ahmad Shah. She said “The cuteness age of Ahmad Shah will end after few years. If he will continue to talk in a rude way then no one will like him and this thing makes me sad. No doubt that he is a cute kid but the thing that really matters is Ahmad’s attitude. I also feel angry when he talks rudely.”

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While lashing out at parents, she added “Just for few comments and like(s), parents are destroying childhood of their kids.”

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