Nadia Khan voices her opinion about Mahira

Nadia Khan, one of the most prominent names of the Pakistani drama industry from late 1990’s, has fired up another cause célèbre with her remarks about two of the current age topmost divas of the industry. In her recent interview with Ahsan Khan, the actress-turned-host, while giving her opinion over the talent of emerging star girls, refused to talk about the “acting” skills of Mehwish Hayat and Mahira Khan.

Ahsan Khan, in a question about acting skills, asked Nadia to rate Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar on the basis of their work. Nadia, while choosing not to rate the acting skills of Mehwish and Mahira, responded with Saba Qamar’s name and said that after her she appreciates Iqra Aziz among the young actresses and her name should have been in the list. She realized that the underlying taunt in her comments will stir up a controversy and to make her sarcasm on the two topmost Lollywood stars clear, she pointed out to the host that she has said something clever that he will understand the next day.

Her statement came a few days after Firdaus Jamal’s criticism of Mahira started a heated debate in the industry and on social media.


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