Narcotics Control Minister Meets UAE’s First Secretary

ISLAMABAD, Jan 17 (APP): Minister for Narcotics Control Brig. (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah held a special meeting with United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s First Secretary, Drug Liaison Officer (DLO) Muhammad Ali Saeed A. Boassaibah here on Sunday.

During the meeting, the minister highlighted the important role of a DLO in combating narcotics and formulating a comprehensive strategy in finding solutions of the confronted problems, a news release said. Ijaz Shah discussed and shared his vision with regard to controlling the drug problem through the demand reduction strategy. The DLO appreciated the idea and ensured all possible cooperation in that regard.

“Drug free society is very important to secure the future of our coming generations,” the minister said, adding the narcotics problem was not associated with one region or country but it was being faced at global level, which could not be dealt with in isolation.

He underlined the need for better and timely exchange of information, which could play a significant role in combating this problem.

“This will also help in overcoming the issue of smuggling and supply of narcotics,” he added. Ejaz Shah said also highlighted importance of the rehabilitation of the addicts, adding “the ones who becomes addicts are actually the victims; the suppliers are the real culprits.”

The two sides expressed the resolve to make coordinated efforts to completely eliminate the menace of drugs from society.

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