Narendra Modi likely to visit Pakistan in Oct

Lahore, 8th April: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to visit Pakistan in October this year.

Pak-India trade has not been restored yet but progress is being made in Pak-India relations. In this context, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to visit Pakistan in October this year.

Modi is scheduled to attend the SAARC Summit in October this year. But will he really come to Pakistan?

Famous TV anchor, Moeed Pirzada wrote on Global Village Space that India and Pakistan have been busy through backchannel for more than a year.

As a result of developing relations between the two South Asian countries, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may visit Pakistan in October 2021 for the SAARC Summit.

According to reports from the Global Village Space, a major source in Islamabad informed that India wants to start talks on Kashmir.

Anchorperson Dr Moeed Pirzada revealed the facts about five months ago, while he was talking to the Indian anchor Kiran Thapar.

Events started to take place quickly, first came the ceasefire, then Army Chief’s statement came.

Prime Minister Imran Khan contracted the coronavirus after which the Indian PM Modi wrote him a letter. In his reply, PM Khan wrote a letter too.

Then there was talk of trade with India, to which the Finance Minister gave his approval, but no decision could be taken in the federal cabinet. Prime Minister Imran Khan later called a special meeting in which it was said that trade with India can not be considered until it recognizes Kashmir.

However, according to the news agency, backdoor diplomacy between the two countries is still going on and some more steps may be taken. India will now have to take steps to restore the state of Occupied Kashmir.
This may be the first time that sources from the Pakistani government have confirmed that the engagement between India and Pakistan had started a year ago.
Moeed Pirzada tweeted the same on his official Twitter account:


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