NASA’s experiment to produce oxygen on Mars a success

On 20th April, the US space agency NASA’s mission to Mars, Perseverance, collected carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere and converted it into breathable oxygen.

According to NASA, Perseverance has an instrument (Marsh Oxygen) installed for this experiment. This toaster-sized tool enabled the separation of oxygen atoms from carbon dioxide molecules for this mission, for which carbon monoxide was prepared by heating the gas to about 1470 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The instrument’s first experiment produced 5 grams of oxygen, allowing an astronaut to breathe for 10 minutes in a space suit. According to NASA, the success of the experiment has opened up new avenues for future missions, especially missions in which humans will be sent to Mars in rockets, where they will need oxygen. For example, a rocket carrying 4 humans to Mars would need to send 55,000 pounds of oxygen, but it is not possible to send such a large amount of oxygen to Mars.

That’s why this new technology will make it easier to find the Red Planet for future missions.

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This is the first time that oxygen has been produced somewhere outside of Earth, while a helicopter has already been flown out of Earth for the first time. It should be noted that this NASA rover robot will search for traces of microbial life on the red planet.

Landing on Mars was the most dangerous project of $2.7 billion and 2 years of effort. The main purpose of which is to find the possible traces of microbes that existed on Mars 3 billion years ago, when the fourth planet in the solar system was warmer, damper and possibly more conducive to life than the sun.

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What is perseverance?

One of the main objectives of the mission to Mars is astronomy, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will feature planetary geology and past climates, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and will be the first mission to collect and experiment with broken rock and dust.

As a result, NASA missions, in collaboration with ESA (European Space Agency), will send spacecraft to Mars to collect these sealed specimens from the surface and send them back to Earth for in-depth analysis. Moon to Mars is part of the search approach.

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Scientists hope to find life patterns from this ancient site, and the Perseverance is designed to find rocks from Mars so that they can be analyzed on Earth in the future. Which will be the first samples collected by humans from another planet.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, managed for NASA by Celtic in Pasadena, California, and managed the operations of the Presence Rover.

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