National interests should not be harmed for political gain

Pakistan which has extensively been affected by terrorism in the past is now bridled by political extremism proving far more detrimental to the country and the nation.

According to Baaghi TV reports, the ongoing political extremism within and outside of Pakistan is in front of everyone, in the face of ideological and political opposition, which has taken the form of a dangerous level of extremism. 

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This growing political extremism in society has paid off in the past, much like extremism in which coherence, discipline, and morality are violated. This growing political extremism is also being well-manipulated by external forces. The direction of this extremism in society is geared towards harming the national integrity of Pakistan and its military, which has been realized by many leading analysts and journalists.

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According to the editorial in Pakistan’s national newspaper, the Pakistan Army has nothing to do with politics, however, constantly dragging the national institution into politics is perhaps a part of a hybrid war, and should be realized by the political leadership as well as the people of Pakistan. 

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In another editorial, it was stressed that the country should not be harmed for political interests. The editorial continued that the armed forces stand by the nation at all times and therefore, any negative propaganda against the military should be rejected immediately. However, it is pertinent to understand that the country and the nation will not benefit from such hateful remarks. 

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