Nepali team creates record, ascends world’s 2nd highest mountain K2 in winter

For the first time, a team has climbed the world’s second-highest mountain in the winter season. A team of 10 summiteers from Nepal has set a record by climbing K2.

Due to weather and geographical difficulties, the 28,251-foot summit of K2 had never been reached in winter before. Climbing to the top of K2, which is the second-highest peak after Mount Everest, requires technical skills.

The team members — Nimsdai Purja, Mingma David Sherpa (Team Nimsdai), Mingma Tenzi Sherpa (Team Nimsdai), Geljen Sherpa (Team Nimsdai), Pem Chiri Sherpa (Team Nimsdai), Dawa Temba Sherpa (Team Nimsdai), Mingma G, Dawa Tenjin Sherpa (Team Mingma G), Kilu Pemba Sherpa (Team Mingma G) and Sona Sherpa (SST) — reached the top of the peak on Saturday afternoon.

Located in Pakistan part of Karakoram Range, K2 was the last amongst the world’s 14 tallest mountains — all higher than 8,000 metres that had not been climbed during winter.