Netizens bash Minal Khan for resharing Kylie Jenner’s story

Pakistani actress Minal Khan was heavily bashed by netizens after she cropped and shared reality TV star and model Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story.

The model had shared an airplane fruit platter with a ‘KylieAir’ napkin that was conveniently cropped out of Khan’s post.
Kylie Jenner, international star that she is, has 352 million Instagram followers and the common followers soon realised what had happened.

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Social media users posted the two pictures side-by-side, they shared memes and criticism, not knowing “whether to laugh or be appalled by the audacity”.

While some condemned her for thinking she could fool people, one sarcastically wrote: “So Minal Khan couldn’t get some strawberries on her own?” Another questioned, “Does Minal Khan really think none of us follows or knows who Kylie Jenner is?”

There was a myriad of jokes around social media and someone said, “Relax guys, it is PIA’s customised menu for the celebrities on diet, Kylie and Minal both were travelling to Gilgit.”

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Another joked, “There is a difference… Papaya isn’t her favourite.”

Others mocked her “embarassing story” and shared clown and laughing emojis. Her action was called “so wrong and fake”.

On the other hand, some people protected the actress, saying even Sajal Aly pretended to be in Paris using photos from Pinterest. Someone said, “I guess we all do that somewhere at least 80-90% here.” and “I recently uploaded a London Oxford Street pic on my story.”

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Minal reposted a meme about people who screenshot other people’s Instagram stories and acknowledged what she did but didn’t seem to see an issue, simply writing on her story, “Hahaha so true. Soul satisfaction.”

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