NfRCC launches Phase-II of relief Op in flood affected districts

The National Flood Response Coordination Centre NFRCC session chaired by Deputy Chairman Ahsan Iqbal and co-chaired by Chairman NDMA Lieutenant General Akhter Nawaz and National Coordinator NFRCC Major General Zafar Iqbal.

The forum was apprised about ongoing rescue and relief operations in worst affected areas especially of Sindh and Balochistan provinces, however, no death case reported in last 24 hours.

Forum was acquainted about the planned International flights of relief goods, donated by UNICEF and trains from Turkey.

Forum was updated that out of nine trains carrying relief goods 6 have been distributed amongst the flood affectees, however remaining three are planned to be unloaded today (Monday).

Deputy Chairman directed Health Ministry to focus on the serious health challenges with regards to malnutrition of affected Children and lactating mother.

He stressed on need to focus on controlling the epidemic diseases especially Malaria and Dengue which are on outbreak.

Forum was briefed about the construction of flood resilient shelter models, which are environment friendly.

The proposed model village gave a complete construction plan of shelter houses, which also became a success in 2010.

Chairman NDMA explained the forum that first phase of flood is over as now second phase of rehabilitation has started.

The panel overviewed the problems caused by shortage of funds and the cost of logistics to be spent on rehabilitation/settlement of affectees.

The panel discussed the threat of Malaria which is being spread in South Baluchistan and Sindh.

Later, flood dashboard will be formally launched in Prime Minister office where Prime Minister will announce the operational functioning of Dashboard, which will entail all necessary flood related details.