Nimra Kazmi medical report confirms she is 18-year-old: SHC

A medical report of Nimra Kazmi—a girl who was allegedly abducted—has been submitted in the Sindh High Court (SHC) that maintained Nimra is an adult and 18-years-old.

SHC Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro remarked Nimra is adult and abduction FIR stands nowhere.

When the mother of Nimra pleaded that her daughter is under age, the SHC Justice Kalhoro remarked, as per the medical report Nimra is adult but final decision would be taken by a trial court.

As per the medical report Nimra is an 18 year old girl.

The SHC ruled that Nimra be sent to shelter homes until the final decision of the trial court as she was not abducted.

Nimra was allegedly kidnapped in Karachi last month and later surfaced in Punjab with her ‘husband’ rejecting claims made by her family that she was abducted.

Earlier, the Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered that Nimra Kazmi be sent to a shelter home and a medical test be carried out to determine her age.

The order was issued after a two-member high court bench comprising Justice Agha Faisal and Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro heard petitions for the recovery of Nimra and Dua Zehra.