Noor Mukaddam murder case: Zahir Jaffer, 12 others indicted

The Islamabad District and Sessions Court indicted all the 12 accused, including Zahir Jaffer, the main accused in the Noor Muqaddam murder case, but the accused pleaded not guilty.

According to the details, Zahir Jaffer, the main accused was produced during the hearing of the case along with other accused in the District and Sessions Court headed by Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani. Six accused, including Zahir Jaffer, were produced in the Islamabad court from Adiala Jail, while six accused of bail-in therapy work also appeared in person on court notices.

Rizwan Abbasi, counsel for the accused, said that there was no evidence against Zakir Jaffer to charge him. During the arguments, the main accused Zahir Jaffar tried to intervene several times and addressing Rizwan Abbasi said how can they fight my case.

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However, lawyer Rizwan Abbasi said that I am not the lawyer of this young man and it is bothering me again and again. In addition, accused Zakir Jaffer had filed a petition to stay the proceedings. Rizwan Abbasi, argued that the evidence presented in court did not relate to Zakir Jaffer, so an indictment could not be issued based on that evidence.

On this occasion, the lawyer of Shaukat Muqaddam said that the evidence can be reviewed in the trial, the accused is not being sentenced. He asked the court to reject the plea of ​​the accused and charge him.

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During the arguments, Zahir Jaffar once again intervened and pointed to the therapy workers and said that these servants entered my house, my life is in danger and they are mentioning my property, don’t talk about my property here. Be done

“Noor Muqaddam was my friend, so why are you interfering? Noor wanted to be a victim and offered herself as a victim,” he said.

In the court room, Zahir Jaffer shook hands with Shaukat Muqaddam, father of the slain Noor Muqaddam and apologized and said that my life is in danger, have mercy on me. Meanwhile, accused Zahir Jaffer also requested the court to allow him to make repeated phone calls.

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During the hearing, accused Iftikhar, an employee of Zahir Jaffar, cried in the court room and said that Noor had been coming and going for two years and I did not know that it would happen.

Later, the court rejected the plea of ​​Zakir Jaffer to stay the indictment and indicted 12 accused including the main accused Zahir Jaffer, Zakir Jaffer, Ismat Adam, Iftikhar, Jamil and Jan Muhammad. Among the accused charged were Tahir Zahoor of Therapy Works and six others, but the accused pleaded not guilty.

The court summoned the prosecution witnesses on October 20, 2021 and began enforcing the High Court’s order to complete the trial in two months.

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It is to be recalled that Noor, 27, daughter of former Pakistani ambassador Shaukat Mukaddam, a resident of F-7/4 in Islamabad, was tortured, and brutally murdered on July 20, 2021. An FIR was registered against Zahir Zakir Jaffer under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) on the complaint of the victim’s father under which the accused was arrested.

Later, the police challan presented in the court said that due to the connivance of the accomplices of the main accused Zahir Jaffer, Noor Mukaddam made six attempts to save his life which failed.

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