Noor Mukaddam’s trial a victim of the Puppeteer’s Illusions!

Puppeteer's Illusions a constant battle between judiciary & the system of delayed justice

Just like a puppeteer, the wealthy and the powerful in Pakistan pull the strings of our judicial system. Noor Mukaddam’s trial is one such example.

The show is put on, session begins, the evidence is presented, witnesses are questioned, the lawyers argue, the judges deliberate but the wealthy, the powerful, and the influential are rarely if ever, convicted by courts in Pakistan. Judges are not accountable to anyone and questioning their judgment almost always brings “contempt of court” charges.

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But as I have said before in these columns, our nation deserves better and this puppet show must come to an end. The outcome must be based on evidence and fairness and not on the culprit’s ability to use its position, power, or wealth to influence it.

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Not too long ago, Noor Mukaddam’s brutal killing at the hands of Zahir Jaffer made headlines – not just in Pakistan but also across the world. The case made headlines not only because it was brutal – the likes of which were never seen or heard in Pakistan but also because the victim and the culprit came from two influential friendly families that had known each other for a long time. While the title in each account focused on the brutality of the crime, the story almost always ended with how society at large and the judicial system, in particular, sided with the powerful in Pakistan.

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Hearings for Noor Mukaddam’s brutal killing will begin soon and I hope the courtroom is not used to put up another show. Zahir Jaffer, the main culprit, in this case, a man of means, a member of a wealthy family and, apparently well aware of the influence he and his family enjoys, made no attempt to hide his crime. It will truly be a sad day for our nation if our judicial system enables him and his family now to pull a cover on the nation’s eyes while denying justice to Noor Mukaddam and her family.

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