Noor Muqaddam Case: Zahir Jaffar’s actions meant to prove him mentally unstable

Senior journalist and anchorperson Mubasher Lucman has said that Zahir Jaffar made a spectacle in the court and as much contempt of court and judge he has done while standing in the court today, no other examples can be found. Ever since the police arrived to arrest the beast Zahir Jaffar from his house, whenever he has been produced in court, he has always acted in one way or another.

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In a recent video shared to the senior anchorperson’s official YouTube channel, Mubasher Lucman stated that in the beginning, Jaffar made claims that the desecrated body of the deceased was in fact, a doll and not Noor Muqaddam. Since the beginning, Jaffar has been behaving like he is mentally ill. Even in the court, he used to act only by speaking English then, having spent a few days in jail he allegedly learned Urdu. 

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Lucman claimed that Muqaddam’s murderer, Zahir Jaffar, has repeatedly tried to speak in court without permission. When he is removed from the court, he has been known to mutter. At one point, the beast Jaffar asked the judge how long till the verdict is reached. In short, Zahir Jaffar has made every ‘strange’ possible move within the prison and the court. The senior investigative journalist continued to say that in the previous day’s hearing, Zahir Jaffar has crossed all limits. In today’s proceedings, three government officials were called in to testify. 

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According to Mubasher Lucman, when Amir Shehzad a cartographer, started to describe the crime scene, Jaffar suddenly started speaking without permission. The judge told him to be quiet and let the court continue its proceedings, Jaffar remarked, this is my court and I have to speak. Lucman went on to say that Zahir Jaffar kept mentioning a person named Hamza, saying that I have to call him to court. Lucman further remarked that going forward, when it comes time to record statements of witnesses, a special note should be made regarding Hamza. 

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According to reports, following repeated disruptions on the part of the accused, Zahir Jaffar, the judge inquired from Akram Qureshi, lawyer of the accused, if his presence was required. To which Qureshi responded in the negative that Jaffar was not needed in court. Mubasher Lucman further stated that when the deputy court asked that Zahir Jaffar be taken out of the courtroom, Ismat Adamjee’s lawyer, Asad Jamal whispered in the ear of the accused after which Jaffar remained silent. However, a short while later Jaffar again started disrupting the court proceedings by speaking English and disrespecting the court officials referring to them as ‘incompetent’. 

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Shortly afterward, Zahir Jaffar repeated that he and his family deserve to know what the court is about and what the officials are waiting for. He reportedly observed the curtain in the courtroom and remarked, ‘What is behind the scenes? What is behind the curtains?’ Mubasher Lumcan further remarked, who would know better than the judge dealing with so many accused every day, what is the true purpose behind Zahir Jaffar’s recent antics and what he hopes to achieve by pretending. 

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Additionally, the senior anchorperson went on to state that having shown patience and forbearance, Justice Ata Rabbani Sahib ordered the police inspector in charge to take the accused out of the courtroom comfortably. As a result, the police inspector attempted to remove him from the courtroom however, the accused started to argue with the police and grabbed the collar of the police officer. Mubasher Lucman added, ‘Let me remind you that this is a legal offense to put one’s hand on the collar of an on-duty officer in uniform’. Lucman went on to say that Jaffar’s real punishment would be that the nation sees him hanging in the gallows. 

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Based on the videos that have since surfaced, Mubasher Lucman continued that Zahir Jaffer could not be controlled by four policemen so more on-duty officers had to be called in to force him out of the courtroom. Lucman further stated that according to Pakistan’ss Penal Court Section 84, if a person is insane, addicted, or if his mental condition is not good then the offense is not considered because he/she is not conscious and does not know what he/she is doing and the beast Zahir Jaffer and his family know this very well, so he has been doing strange things from day one.

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Lucman went on to say that the purpose of pretending in front of the court is that when his lawyers give their arguments, it is already in everyone’s mind that this beast has been doing strange things before, so maybe he is really a mental patient. In this way, efforts will be made to get him released from jail. That is why the Jaffar family, who were not advocating for their son, have hired their employees as expensive advocates so that their loyalty does not change and they do not make any statement that can be used against their son.

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Mubasher Lucman further said that the statements of 12 witnesses have been recorded so far in this case. It is hoped that in the next two hearings, if there is no irregularity, the statements of all the official witnesses will be recorded, after which the other party will present witnesses in their defense. ‘Another important point in all these proceedings is that the intervention is also aimed at suspending the case so that the trial cannot be completed soon. Ordinary people and journalists should stop following this case and then the beast’s family should use their influence to get their son released by proving him to be mentally ill. But it will not happen. We will not forget this case nor will we allow people to forget it and insha’Allah this beast will have such a tragic end that even the generations of this family will remember’, Mubasher Lucman.

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