Noor Muqaddam Murder: A closer look with Afeefa Rao

In the aftermath of the recent court hearing of Noor Muqaddam’s cold-blooded murder, Pakistani journalist Afeefa Rao, analyzes the latest developments pertaining to the plea by killer accused Zahir Jaffer’s counsel

Taking to YouTube, Afeefa Rao argued that if the killer accused Zahir Jaffer is in fact Schizophrenic, then why was he left alone in the absence of the parents? Why were no steps taken to protect Noor Muqaddam, daughter of the former Ambassador Shaukat Muqaddam?

For a more detailed account of the court proceedings click here.

Referencing the recent hearing in connection with the Noor Muqaddam murder trial, Rao said since the start there have been reports that the Jaffer family is focused on manipulating and delaying the court proceedings. The family of the killer accused Zahir Jaffer, especially his parents, are willing to do everything in order to prove their ‘beastly’ son, innocent. Now their agenda has been revealed, and their plan has been exposed – to prove that Zahir Jaffer is mentally unstable.

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According to Afeefa Rao, the purpose of the plea by the counsel of Zahir Jaffer is to cause a delay in the proceedings. Rao has argued that this is why the legal representatives have filed a petition to form a medical board to ascertain the mental condition of the killer accused. They have claimed that Zahir Jaffer was not mentally stable at the time of the murder. Moreover, the parents of the killer accused had denied knowing about the situation, as per initial reports.

Furthermore, Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Adam gee, parents of Zahir Jaffer had claimed their son was taking drugs which resulted in a deterioration of his mental facilities, resulting in Schizophrenia. According to, “Schizophrenia is a chronic brain disorder… When schizophrenia is active, symptoms can include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, trouble with thinking and lack of motivation”.

Arguing along this train of thought, the journalist added that if Jaffer was in fact under the influence of drugs, why did the parents not seek any help? Even more important, why did they leave him with the servants if his mental condition was not stable? Did they not consider the possibility that he could harm himself? Rao added, it is important to dissect the possibility given the latest petition by the killer accused’s counsel. If Jaffer was in fact, delusional or unfit, then why was Zahir Jaffer left alone? Why did his parents not inform Noor Muqaddam’s family that she was at their house? Why did they do nothing to save an innocent life?

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Afeefa Rao argued that Zahir Jaffer’s parents are greatly involved in the murder because despite knowing, they played the role of a silent bystander and did nothing to help the victim before she was brutally murdered in cold-blood by their son, Zahir Jaffer. Additionally, Rao states that if the parents and the council are to be believed that in fact, Jaffer has a mental deficiency, then they are also answerable for leaving him unchecked in the presence of dangerous items such as a gun, a dagger, and magazines found by the police at the scene of the crime.

Rao argued that these claims are being made because the Jaffer family is manipulating the court proceedings to mold the court’s decision in their favor – more specifically in favor of the murderer Zahir Jaffer. According to Rao, these turn of events came into action when Jaffer’s mother, Ismat Adam gee was granted bail, which is also when the seed of ‘mental disability’ was first planted by the family in the form of Jaffer’s misbehavior in court. It was reported by Baaghi TV earlier that Jaffer was removed from court for causing disruption during the court proceedings and misbehaving with the Additional Sessions Judge, Ata Rabbani.

Moreover, at the time, Ata Rabbani had told the parents of the killer accused to control him, following which the legal counsel and the mother had made claims that Zahir Jaffer is not well, and is unable to understand the court proceedings. It is pertinent to note that since Ismat Adam gee has been granted bail, Zahir Jaffer’s general behavior has been that of a ‘lunatic’ such as causing disruption by making senseless statements in court which have led to his removal from court twice, on the orders of Judge Ata Rabbani.

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As per the latest developments, the legal counsel for Zahir Jaffer is stressing the need to form a medical board to decide the mental state of the killer accused. In this regard, they have submitted a petition in court declaring Jaffer unstable. Moreover, in lieu of Jaffer being removed from court, his parents have argued that the proceedings are not fair as Jaffer is not present and is, therefore, in the dark about the trial proceedings.

Afeefa Rao has further argued that several people are actively working in support of the killer accused and his family with the sole purpose of proving him innocent for the brutal murder committed in cold blood. However, it is a pertinent argument that if Noor Muqaddam was a friend, a close one according to Jaffer, then why did he torture and eventually behead her? How can a person resort to such a low?

For a more detailed account of the court proceedings click here.

Additionally, Rao has highlighted that despite his misbehavior, Zahir Jaffer has not been issued a contempt of court notice, because it will delay the trial proceedings which is something Judge Ata Rabbani is not in favor of, but now the Jaffer family is despite all of that, manipulating the court by demanding the formation of the medical board to delay the case, and the final verdict.

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“This is because they want the public and the media to forget [about Noor Muqaddam] but we will not forget, we will never forget”, claimed Afeefa Rao. However, if the medical board is created, the Jaffer family will use all means possible to further manipulate the proceedings. They claim that Noor Muqaddam’s family is influential, but they themselves are far more influential because they have the power, the money, and the connections to bend the findings of the medical board in their favor.

Rao argued that if the Jaffer family manages to establish that Zahir Jaffer is mentally unfit, the trial will have to end until he is proven fit, this will cause a delay in the verdict. She concluded that “we need to continue raising our voice against the cruelty of the Jaffer family. We need to speak up for Noor Muqaddam”. Afeefa Rao added keep sharing content, keep speaking up so that Noor gets the justice she deserves.

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