Noor Muqqadam case: another big decision by the court

Noor Muqaddam case, another major decision of the court, Zahir expresses a unique desire.
According to the report of Baaghi TV, senior journalist and anchor person Mubashir Luqman has said that the trial of Noor Muqaddam case is going on very fast at present. The court is hearing for four hours. Earlier it was told how the lies of the employees of Jaffar family were exposed with the help of CCTV footage and also that Noor had tried to run away from the beast’s house not once but twice which was thwarted by the employees. 

Mubashir Luqman said that what else happened in the court? what did the court decide regarding the CCTV footage? what happened to the forensics of the beast’s mobile phone and laptop? why Zahir Jaffar was removed from the court once again? , What he kept praying in front of the court and what more lies of the employees have come to light? CCTV footage which the accused’s lawyers have been insisting since day one to get the footage so that we can prepare our case easily. 

By the way, this is forty hours of footage, but a footage has also been prepared by separating some important parts of this footage. As in every hearing, in the recent hearing, the lawyers of the accused demanded that we be given a copy of the CCTV footage. Because this footage is the most important in this whole case and Noor’s family and lawyer They don’t want the footage to go viral before it goes to court. But today the court has finally decided to make five copies of the CCTV footage and hand it over to the lawyers of the accused so that the footage will be available to all on Friday. We will prepare our case so the upcoming hearings will be even more important now.

Mubashir Luqman further said that apart from this, the mobile phone and laptop of the beast were also presented before the court. And the stance that has been taken on this when I heard it, believe me, I had caught my head, how can such a thing be said even in this day and age. What happened was that the court was told that these laptops and phones could not be opened yet due to lack of password and their data could not be obtained. And now if we repeatedly put the wrong password on it, the data may be deleted. Imagine a case of Sushant Singh’s suicide in India in which he had also retrieved deleted messages from WhatsApp. But look at the situation of our police and FIA that they have given a clear answer that this cannot happen. And with such a response, I am now convinced that this beast’s family is investing heavily in this case. First of all, the police opportunity He forgot to take his mobile phone from the incident.

When the mobile phone was taken away, he told him about the broken screen and left it lying on the floor. But no one noticed and now that the beast is in their possession, they could not steal the password of the mobile and laptop from him, although these policemen, when they come to do their job, confess to the accused the sins that he committed. Would not have done but surprisingly Islamabad police could not steal a password from this beast. The FIA ​​is also in a position to tell the court that this cannot happen. If the beast is in their possession then they could not steal the password of the mobile and laptop from it. Police were unable to retrieve a password from the beast. The FIA ​​is also in a position to tell the court that this cannot happen. If the beast is in their possession then they could not steal the password of the mobile and laptop from it. Police were unable to retrieve a password from the beast. The FIA ​​is also in a position to tell the court that this cannot happen.

Mubashir Luqman further said that the beast was once again thrown out of the court as he was repeatedly interfering in the cross-examination of witnesses. During the hearing, the beast started talking during the interrogation of Muhammad Imran, in-charge of National Forensic Crime Agency and started begging Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani. Zahir Jafar said, “Mr. Ata Rabbani, can I come near you, I can’t hear anything.” Are you listening to me After this, the beast, after remaining silent for some time, started speaking again and said, “Judge Ata Rabbani, get my consent, I want to come near the court and talk something.” G was also present in the court. He had assured the court at the last hearing that there would be no such move by the beast again. 

Well, when there was no reaction from Judge Ata Rabbani, the beast attacked again Addressing the judge, he said, “Mr. Ata Rabbani, can you hear me?” On this, Judge Ata Rabbani asked the lawyers of the accused whether the presence of the accused in the court room is necessary. Attend and send it. Think today he is talking about consent. He keeps saying in court, listen to me. Now someone asked this beast that when Noor was begging him and his servants to let him go then why he did not listen to Noor then why he tortured him why he did not let him go. In addition, Mohammad Imran told the court in his statement that what he had gathered from the room was a knife, a pistol with a magazine in it and another magazine on the table. And there were four cigarettes that were collected. Now with the presence of these things, you can imagine how much torture must have been inflicted on this girl before she was killed. He also told the court that Noor Muqaddam’s head was found near the window

Mubashir Luqman added that however, this beast, his parents, employees and therapists are working hard to prove his innocence. By the way, the thing that happened in the beginning of this case was that all of them were not arrested immediately. This gave them all the opportunity to plan and give the same statements to the police but still they say no. That lies do not have legs, lies are finally caught, so as the details of the case and the details of the CCTV footage come to light, their lies are also being caught. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. The ladder was brought to the therapy workers by the employees and they could not do anything to save the life of this girl but no, these employees would close the gate knowingly so that Noor could not run away and the beasts would catch her and return.
Used to hand over And the therapy workers who are becoming innocent that we were told that apparently Jafar’s condition was not good, we went to get the patient. So someone asks them which team of doctors takes the lawyer along to bring the patient. Because lawyer Dilip Kumar was also with the therapy workers. And the purpose of taking it with him was to figure out how to erase the evidence from the incident, dispose of Noor’s body and make the case worse. So that the life of this beast may be saved. Because remember this beast when he told his father on the phone that I have killed Noor, he told his son not to worry, I will take care of everything. The team is coming and they will get you out of here. That is why the people of Therapy Works went with their full readiness and I am sure that the attack on Amjad was also a drama. So that his mental condition can be proved to be bad. Otherwise, just like if he had a weapon

Mubashir Luqman further said that this is also a drama because if he had taken his own life he would have taken his own life immediately after killing Noor. Love. As far as their earlier dramas are concerned, insha’Allah, the rest of the dramas will also be caught in the coming days. Dost Mohammad and Dr. Shazia have been summoned and now their testimony and surgeon will be on it. And many more revelations have come to light regarding this case which will further expose the lies of this beast and will bring justice to Noor soon.

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