NSA calls for investigating Indian missile incident

NSA calls for investigating Indian missile incident I Baaghi TV

ISLAMABAD: National Security Adviser (NSA) Yusuf Moeed on Friday called for an investigation into real reasons behind the Indian missile’s landing inside Pakistani territory as he termed New Delhi’s clarification over the matter as suspicious.

On March 9, a supersonic projectile from India travelling at a high speed landed the Pakistani territory and fell near Mian Channu near Khanewal district.

In response, the Foreign Office said on Friday morning that Pakistan strongly condemned the unprovoked violation of its airspace by a “super-sonic flying object” of Indian origin.

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After more than two days, India accepted that this was their missile launched “otensibly” due to a technical malfunction during maintenance, the NSA said in a series of tweets.

In a statement on Friday evening, the Indian government “deeply” regretted the incident and said it had taken “serious view and ordered a high-level Court of Enquiry.”

However, the NSA said the development raised serious questions about India’s ability to handle such sensitive technology as the missile travelled close to the path of international and domestic commercial airlines, threatening the safety of civilians.

Yusuf also said it was “highly irresponsible” of New Delhi’s authorities not to have informed Pakistan immediately that an inadvertent launch of a cruise missile had taken place.

After 3 days, Indian government said a missile got fired accidentally without specifying type. Some people are of the view that either it was fired intentionally to check Pakistani state of preparedness & response or it was actually a technical fault. There is also another view that some rouge fanatic operator fired it.

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The possibility of RSS inspired extremist firing a nuclear capable (canisterised) missile is now a serious threat to the peace of the region. It raises serious questions on India’s nuclear command/control & could initiate nuclear war. Radioactive thefts cases reflect poor Indian nuclear safety & security.

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