Official Vehicles of Motorway Police Officers Used for Patrolling

ISLAMABAD, Jan 03 (APP): The official vehicles, not being used by the officers of National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) due to weekend including Inspector General Motorway Police Dr Syed Kaleem Imam, were utilized for public service.

The spokesman NHMP on Sunday said the vehicles used by other senior officers of motorway police were used for patrolling on Highways and motorways during the weekend. He said over all 47 additional vehicles on national highways and motorways continued during the holidays. The presence of extra vehicles during the holidays was proving to be helpful for the passengers, the spokesman quoted Dr Kaleem Imam as saying.

The Inspector General further said national highways and motorways have more traffic during weekend. Imam said despite lack of resources, the Motorway Police was trying its best to help passengers.

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