Ohio police shoot Black teenager minutes before verdict in Derek Chauvin case is announced

Washington, April 21 2021: In another officer involved police shooting in the US, the police in the state of Ohio have fatally shot a Black teenager who was last seen lunging at another person with a knife in hand.

According to the footage from the body camera worn by the officer who shot the teenager, a teenage girl is seen lunging at another with what appears to be a knife in her hand when shots are heard and the girl collapses to the ground.

The Franklin County Child Services identify the victim as Ma’Khia Bryant aged 16. Michael Woods, the police chief for Columbus told press the police were responding to a 911 emergency call about a disturbance from someone who said they were in fear of being stabbed. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at about 4.30 pm local time, less than an hour before former officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd in a Minneapolis court landmark verdict.

The incident on Tuesday has taken place against a back drop of racial injustice and police brutality in the US and during a tense time when the city of Minneapolis is mourning the death of another Black man Daunte Wright, at the hands of a white police woman.

As the police shared the video, Woods said, “We thought it was important to share with the community, to be transparent about this incident, to let them have some answers that we can provide tonight.”

After the shot is fired and the scuffle is over, the officer tosses the knife away from the girl. Andrew Ginther, the Mayor of Columbus city said the death of the girl was a horrible heartbreaking tragedy and asked the city to pray for the teenager’s family.

The Mayor added that the officer involved, whose was as yet unnamed took action to protect another young individual of the community. While the victim’s mother said about Ma’Khia, “She was a very loving, peaceful little girl. She promoted peace. And that’s something I want to always be remembered.”

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