OIC Opens Office in Kabul for Humanitarian Efforts

Afghanistan: The Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has opened it office in Kabul which will coordinate OIC’s humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan for addressing the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Muhammad Saeed Al-Ayash has been appointed as director of OIC’s Afghanistan office, OIC said today on twitter. The office was opened on March 4, 2022.

According to OIC, the office will follow up the implementation of the outcome of the organization’s extraordinary ministerial meeting held in Pakistan last December.

“The OIC office in Kabul will coordinate the OIC’s humanitarian efforts with Afghanistan and international partners. It will be strengthened with human and material resources in conformity with the resolution adopted by the extraordinary ministerial conference on the situation in Afghanistan. This is to enable it fulfil its obligations to support the Afghan people in various fields,” it said.

At the OIC meeting on Afghanistan in Pakistan, a draft resolution was passed to establish a humanitarian trust fund to channel humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. The member states agreed to “establish a Humanitarian Trust Fund, under the aegis of the Islamic Development Bank, to serve as a vehicle to channel humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan including in partnership with other international actors.”

At the meeting, OIC urged the Islamic Development Bank to operationalize the trust fund by the first quarter of 2022 to accelerate the provision of humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.