OIC Summit: Pakistan hopes to reach consensus

Pakistan on Saturday trusted that the OIC meeting in Islamabad would assist with accomplishing the agreement on Afghanistan and stand out for the world expected to address the emergency.

Addressing the media at the Parliament House subsequent to looking at the plans for the seventeenth Extraordinary Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC set to occur on Sunday, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that as the world joined its voice, Pakistan’s position on the predominant circumstance in Afghanistan was acquiring acknowledgment.

The top Pakistan negotiator said he was certain that Pakistan, alongside unfamiliar pastors of OIC states, will push a stride ahead in building that agreement.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said from the absolute first day, Pakistan enlightened the world regarding the approaching helpful emergency and that the circumstance could likewise prompt a monetary breakdown assuming the financial framework stayed useless for long.

He said the financial breakdown of Afghanistan would affect the prompt neighbors or district as well as the world in type of the departure of displaced people just as psychological warfare.

He said the target behind facilitating the disputable was to draw on the planet consideration towards the food lack, situation of the kids, and the monetary troubles in the conflict torn country.

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“Today, the world is by all accounts getting persuaded on this. Around 11 NATO officers who had served in Afghanistan are likewise highlighting this. The representatives who served in Kabul and are completely conscious of the ground real factors have written in their Op-ed requesting that the Biden organization survey its strategy,” he said.

FM Qureshi, who prior inspected the advisory group spaces for gatherings of the representatives just as the reciprocal gatherings, other than the game plans to get the dignitaries, let media know that the agents had asked the US organization to think about individuals of Afghanistan for whose government assistance, the US had made an enormous venture.

He said Pakistan had been calling the world not to show any impassion and many voices were going along with it including from the European Union.

“Around 39 US senators have composed a letter to US Secretary of State Blinken saying it is our obligation and ethical constraint to deflect the philanthropic emergency. Another reasoning is arising and this is the actual goal of this phenomenal gathering,” he said.

He let media know that the 437 agents had enrolled themselves to be essential for the debatable. A colossal number of unfamiliar and agent unfamiliar pastors are showing up, he added.

Qureshi said the senior authorities of the OIC nations would meet Saturday at the scene to examine the plan and work plan and was certain of arriving at an agreement.

“The upcoming gathering will be vital and memorable. We are at the edge of history. On the off chance that we make the right stride, it can get territorial, harmony, steadiness and thriving in Afghanistan. God deny, assuming that we show inadequacy or neglect to act immediately, Afghanistan might confront another emergency.”

He said any new emergency would affect the entire locale rather than the world as individuals would be constrained to relocate.

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