Omicron variant: The knock on the door!

Omicron variant: The knock on the door! #Baaghi

There is going to be a tsunami of infectiousness around the world. Clearly, Omicron is more transmissible but less harmful. You and I are going to be exposed to it but current evidence suggests it’s not going to be as fatal or as bad as before.

It’s not a doom or gloom situation. There may be a cause of concern for many countries but not a cause for panic. Omicron has made its way into 20 countries. America and the European countries have put curbs on the incoming foreign travelers to their countries it is now reliably learned. In the Netherlands 60 cases of Omicron have been reported so far, out of a tally of 5000. The rest will be a Herculean task to go after.

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It is thought and being discussed that omicron was present in the Netherlands before it was sequenced, and reported in South Africa. But because it has mutated multiple times it is hoped that it might kill itself in the process. But it’s too early to say or comment. Anything that we might say without further investigation would be pure speculation. No fatalities have yet been reported across the globe. That’s what gives us hope.

The elderly must as a precaution get themselves boosted up with booster doses. The mobile teams should be made available to the public who can not go to the centers for whatever reason. The larry addas, the courts, public places like the hospitals, passport centers, ID card venues, the different government offices, the mobile teams must be made accessible to the general public at large for the very vaccination, double jabs or for that matter the booster doses.

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Our teams have done fairly well. The doctors, the paramedical staff, the other random staff must be hailed for their interminable effort to contain the covid from spreading in our country. The precautions are a must. People must mandatorily wear masks, distance themselves from one another. The ideal would be to have stricter controls in place. Especially to thoroughly check inbound passengers. No harm in having a ban for such travelers coming from those much talked about countries under question.

The DC’s of their respective districts must ramp up their efforts in trying to ensure no pedestrian is seen without a mask. Circumventing laws may entail a punitive action in this regard. I think all in all we have fared well over the last two years since the start of this menacing pandemic. The NCOC and other authorities have combated in the most adroit manner. Going ahead further still should not be a problem. They are now more experienced and ever the wiser. In case we are confronted with the same situation, more caution should be exercised towards imprudent lockdowns.

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