On November 22, court will indict Shahbaz Gill and Ammad Yousuf for sedition

While hearing the case of encouraging mutiny within institutions, Islamabad’s sessions court on Saturday set November 22 as the deadline to indict PTI leader Shahbaz Gill and ARY News’ Ammad Yousuf and issued them copies of the police challan.

Following the former’s comments on a private television show, Gill and Yousuf have been charged with inciting rebellion inside the Pakistan Army, which constitutes sedition. The leader of the PTI is currently on bail.

Sessions added Gill and Yousuf recorded their presence in court as suspects as Judge Tahir Abbas Sipra presided over the proceedings.

The investigating officer informed the court that the police have no solid evidence against Salman Iqbal, so the two suspects’ challenges are complete.

Muhammad Ali Bukhari, Gill’s attorney, stated all allegations relating to the same program. One of the suspects, in this case, has passed away, while others are out on bond.

Following the law, the procedures can begin once the report has been finished.

Except for Gill and Yousuf, the public prosecutor Raja Rizwan Abbasi indicated that there is no hard proof or documentation against the other suspects in the case.

During the hearing, he stated, “We wish to move forward with this case.”

The attorney for Gill contended that the sedition charges represent colonial legislation. In addition to a fair trial, he requested that the court determines what evidence the case should move forward.

“First, it must be determined if the lawsuit can advance at this stage,” he added.

The judge stated that the objection might be raised after receiving copies of the reference; whether or not a challan is complete, the court must continue with the trial.

Yousuf submitted a plea for permanent exemption from court appearance, after which he was served with notices.

After laying out the charges against the suspects, the prosecutor stated there was no opposition to awarding a permanent exemption.

In addition to copies of the first information report and witness statements, the suspects were given copies of the challan, which also contained copies of the first information report.

Notably, the police have already stated the lack of concrete evidence against Salman Iqbal, Khawar Ghumman, Adeel Raja, and Sadaf Abdul Jabbar. At the same time, journalist Arshad Sharif is no longer a suspect in the case following his murder in Kenya.