One-day remand of Ayaz Amir, three-day physical remand of son Shahnawaz approved

A case related to the killing of a wife was heard in the session court IslamabadAfter hearing the case, the court approved the three-day physical remand of Shahnawaz Amir and his father Ayaz Amir for one day.

Ayaz Amir and Shahnawaz Amir appeared in Sessions Court Islamabad,the accused were produced in the court of Senior Civil Judge Muhammad Amir Aziz,
the accused Ayaz Amir was produced in the court after one-day physical remand and the accused
Shahnawaz Amir two-day physical remand. The judge instructed the lawyers that there is a rush in the court,
only those who are their lawyers should appear, in such a rush, not even a voice will be heard,
unrelated people should go out.

The judge asked the investigating officer who the accused are.The investigating officer replied in the court that Ayaz Ameer and Shahnawaz Ameer are accused,the passport and bank details have to be recovered, the judge asked how many days remand is being sought? The investigating officer said in the court that there is a request for 7 days remand.

The judge inquired that Ayaz Ameer is related to this case.
The investigating officer said that the accused Ayaz Amir was nominated by the deceased’s uncle and aunt,
the accused Ayaz Amir belongs to Chakwal and the accused is Shahnawaz Amir’s father.
The judge asked the investigating officer that where are the parents of the deceased?
The investigating officer told the court that the victim’s parents are in Canada and
they will reach Pakistan by tomorrow. The judge inquired who is the lawyer in the case.

Ayaz Amir said in the court that I was shocked and reported the incident to the police myself.
I was in Chakwal at the time of the incident and immediately informed the IG.
I was worried that no one else would be injured in the incident,
I told the police all the way, the police registered a case and gave their stand,
the police admitted that I had informed the police myself, I alone appreciate it.
that you are a very true man,

The police said in the court that Ayaz Ameer has an accessory role in the murder,he should be given physical remand.
That Shahnawaz should not be allowed to escape, bodies disappear in such cases, does anything happen?
Whatever is happening in this case, one will think before cooperating in the investigation,
then it will be tried to mislead the prosecution.

Journalist Ayaz Amir’s son Shahnawaz Amir killed his wife Sara Ayaz Mir’s daughter-in-law returned from
Dubai yesterday, Shahnawaz was addicted to drugs and killed his wife in a drunken state.
Sarah was also killed in an absolutely brutal manner. An iron rod was struck and then plunged into a tip of water.
Shahnawaz Amir was married for the third time to Sarah of Canadian origin.
The deceased Sara was working in Dubai and they got married three months ago.

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