Only the rare will dare!

Today I am heading a rally to show support for the Pakistan Army. Why now?? Many ask me. Why not? I ask them. Pakistan is going through one of its worst financial crises, causing havoc to all business sectors, financial sectors, and the stock markets, devaluing our currency, crippling our economy, and destroying our trade sector at a faster-declining scale in the blink of an eye. 

On top of that, the political circus in Pakistan with clowns of all colors, political tags, and personal gains, and vendettas with their venom glazed dirty remarks and allegations on each other, fistfights publicly, and disregard for the Parliament & our legal system has created more public and international embossment then any dignified Pakistani citizen can endure.

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The poor are poorer, the rich are richer, and are in pursuit of the fastest visas to get their wealth and families out of Pakistan. The middle class has diminished, the trade deficit is at an all-time high, and our National debt is in the boiling red zone, and people ask me why now? It boggles my mind when people wonder why do I need to do a rally for Pak Army.

Only the rare will dare! | Baaghi TV

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The answer is simple. My mind has complete clarity. Pak Army is the only strong, stable, reliable entity that exists in Pakistan. Pak Army is still holding its ground in this crazy chaos, just like a Pak soldier stays steadfast in the battleground and in the line of fire. Today when the true citizens of Pakistan, the true patriots of our Nation stand at the rally, shoulder to shoulder showing allegiance to Pakistan Army, Navy, Air Force, and personnel, we are not only giving a ray of hope, courage & stability to our Nation but we also send a strong message to our enemies in and around the world.

Only the rare will dare! | Baaghi TV

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“Pakistan is not a force to be reckoned with. Pak Army is indispensable and the Pakistan Nation is standing strong, shoulder to shoulder along with our Army. We do not just celebrate our Army on Sept 6th or 23rd March, we celebrate the Army of Pakistan every day and every year”. 

Like Jinnah said, “There is NO force in the world that can undo Pakistan.” Thanks to our Army, Jinnah’s quote will stay true, and inshallah no one can undo Pakistan! 

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