Open Letter to Federal Aviation Minister, Secy. Aviation & DG CAA Pakistan

Dear Sir,

Sub: Question to CAA Regulatory Head, why to Establish a Heavy Weight Licensing Directorate if they are incapable to Take Pilot Examinations.

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With due deference and honor, I may draw your kind attention towards the fact that CAA has created its own licensing Directorate to develop its own pilot examination system. In this regard, CAA has appointed a highly paid examination team under the command of Director licensing to resolve licensing issues as required by ICAO. As I know the newly employed manpower in licensing Directorate is enough qualified and competent to develop a foolproof examination system up to ICAO standards. As a matter of fact, the pilot exams are taken worldwide from the computerized question Bank, which is the same for the entire world pilot community irrespective of their nationalities. Regulators are responsible only to establish a foolproof computerized examination system to avoid misuse of that system.

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Almost two years have passed that CAA Pakistan established licensing Directorate with zero progress on taking pilot exams. I may submit, there looks deliberate effort to outsource our examination to a UK based private limited Company and if that is done we will have the following adverse effects on our aviation:

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1. There will be a manifold monetary load on our pilots’ community,

2. Internationally it will be assumed that our CAA is incompetent to establish its own pilot examination system

3. It will be against PPRA rules, so it will be challenged in the court of justice

4. If CAA cannot establish an exam system then why cause loss to the national exchequer for establishing a useless licensing Directorate when exams are conducted by a foreign company, which means our licensing Directorate is nothing but a post office.

5. Outsourcing exams to UK CAAI will cost our young lot 10 times more.

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In light of the above-deliberated concerns, it is suggested that CAA’s own pilot examination may please be established to let the International community know that CAA Pakistan is an able national institution. When we are 7th world nuclear power then why are we a failure in the aviation field and concerned CAA management including Director Licensing should be answerable to this failure.

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Best regards,

Capt Muhammad Asim Nawaz LLM.

General Secretary,

Aircraft Owners and Operators Association (AOOA) Pakistan

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