Opposition tactics can’t stop accountability process: Sadaqat

ISLAMABAD, Oct 4 (APP):Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member National Assembly (MNA) Sadaqat Ali Abbasi on Friday said opposition could not achieve its personal political goals by staging protests and sit-ins against the government.

Talking to a private news channel he said, the opposition’s call for protest could not relieved them from the alleged corruption cases.

PTI-led government never believed in political victimization rather it has struggled for the streamlining of the system and making the institutions free from all kind of political interventions.

He said both PML-N and PPP had an underhand deals against the incumbent government, as in fact they minted, laundered and wasted the exchequer while accumulating properties and swelling up of their bank accounts.

He further stated former regimes had treated the country as their own property, though it had collected the votes and sympathy of public in the name of democracy.

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