Osama Satti Post-mortem Report


Baaghi TV report: Post-mortem of Osama Satti was done by Senior L Dr. Farrukh Kamal. The initial post-mortem report of Osama Satti was handed over to the police authorities.

According to the postmortem report, Osama Satti received 6 bullets, Osama Satti received one bullet in the back of the head, one on the left arm, Osama Satti received four bullets in the back.

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that notice was taken of the incident of firing in Islamabad. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that black wolves in the police will not be forgiven, black wolves are causing disrepute in the police. Officers have been arrested, will be severely punished,

On the other hand, in the case of the killing of a youth by the firing of ATS police, the father of the deceased youth submitted a petition to Ramna police station.

The petitioner said that the son went to leave the university at 2 am to a friend, the policemen had a quarrel with the son, they threatened to have fun, my son had mentioned the policemen to me.

Last night the policemen chased my son’s car, 5 policemen killed my son, a case of terrorism should be registered against the policemen involved.

It is to be noted that Osama Nadeem Satti was martyred by the personnel of the Counter-Terrorism Department of Islamabad Police by firing 22 bullets last night.

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