Over 200 Afghans Released from Dubai Prisons in Past 8 Months

At least 200 Afghan nationals have been released from Dubai prisons with the help of the Afghan consulate over the last eight months, officials from the consulate said.

The Afghan general consul in Dubai, Masoud Azizi, said that 28 were sent to Kabul this week.

“Fortunately, we have sent 210 released (Afghan) prisoners back in the last eight months,” he said. “Two more people will be released tomorrow (Monday) and will be sent (to Kabul).”

Azizi said the government is paying for the transfer of the released Afghan nationals.

Those who have been released said they were imprisoned on suspicion of committing various crimes. They said they are happy to join their families.

“No one asked us there. We were released,” said Abdullah Aziz Mir, a released prisoner.

“I was released after five months,” said Akhtar Mohammad, a released prisoner.

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