Over 85,000 people affected by continues heavy rain in NE China

CHANGCHUN, Aug 19 (XINHUA/APP):Persistent heavy rain triggered by super typhoon Lekima battered northeast China’s Jilin Province as of Tuesday, leaving 85,089 people from 22 counties and districts affected, the provincial flood control headquarters said Friday.

The downpours have also left 25,823 hectares of cropland in Jilin affected, with 1,207 hectares completely destroyed.

A total of 250 homes collapsed in the rain. The direct economic losses were estimated to be 89.06 million yuan (12.65 million U.S. dollars).

To prevent local mining enterprises from being affected, production in 20 mines in the cities of Baishan and Huadian has been suspended with all the workers relocated.

The province has also taken measures to prevent other rain-triggered disasters, such as floods and landslides.

So far, no casualties caused by floods have been reported.

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