Overuse of mobile phones causing mental, psychological issues: Psychiatrist

ISLAMABAD, Feb 12 (APP):Psychiatrist Wednesday advised the citizens to avoid excessive use of cell phones as overuse of mobile phones causing mental, physical and psychological issues in youngsters.

A senior psychiatrist Dr Sobia Aftab while talking to a private news channel said that people did not have proper knowledge about the negative impacts of the fast-growing modern trend of watching social websites and negative effect of excessive mobile phones.

She stressed to spread awareness about depression among masses and should make them realize that its treatment is essential. “Youngsters are losing moral values and becoming impatient, unsocial and lazy,” she said.

“People have become habitual of taking help from numerous websites. There is no more mental exercise in finding facts or having a discussion or going through books and newspapers. This is alarming,” she claimed.

She further explained that teens are amongst the first to adopt new technologies and are considered enthusiastic users, adding, they spend long hours using their cellphones for a variety of purposes like communications, surfing the internet, games, watching movies, taking photographs, etc.

Just as in adults, the rate of cellphone usage by children and teens around the world is increasing, she added. She advise pedestrians to avoid using smart phones when crossing the road, as such usage would distract them from the road conditions and the movement of vehicles around them.

Pedestrians should exercise caution at all times, and look after their personal safety and that of other road users,” Dr Sobia urged. She said people mostly teenagers who spend more hours with mobile phones lesser time interacting with people is one of the most deep-rooted causes of depression now days.

The human mind is in a natural need of social interaction, she mentioned. Expert also recommend limited online timings to one hour per day to minimize the impact of smart phones on humans mental health.

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