‘Pakistan a wonderful country to live’: says New German envoy

ISLAMABAD, Aug 11 (APP):New German Ambassador to Pakistan Bernhard Schlagheck believes that Pakistan is a wonderful place to live.
The ambassador, who has recently taken charge of his office, in a video message posted on social media said: “I am honoured to represent the Federal Republic of Germany here in Pakistan- a fascinating, multi-layered, vibrant, complex and unique country in a region of great importance and relevance.”
Bernhard Schlagheck said as an ambassador it was a big responsibility on his shoulders and moreover, he joined as a successor to Ambassdor Martin Kobler who had enjoyed a great time in Pakistan.
Expressing his excitement about Pakistan, he also shared the interesting story of his childhood that he used to play a game in which he had to recall the names of different countries.
“At that time I really mesmerized with the name of Pakistan. Pakistan was my all time favorite name that is in fact a very poetic name.”
He said all his dreams, perception and hypothesis about the ‘beautiful’ Pakistan had come true when he landed at the Islamabad airport. It was so fascinating and exciting for him to read at the airport “Welcome to Pakistan”.
Appreciating the services rendered by Ambassador Kobler, Bernhard Schlagheck said he had written a new chapter in the diplomatic history for his practical involvement in public-friendly initiatives and direct interaction with the common citizens of Pakistan. He would always remain in the hearts of Pakistanis as he had thousands of his fans on streets and social media.
It may be mentioned Martin Kobler has a sentimental attachment with Pakistan, which can be judged from his farewell message, which he recorded wearing a black Sherwani, a national and traditional attire worn by Pakistani officials on special occasions and by common people on their marriages.
Kobler became popular in Pakistan for projecting a soft image of the country through sharing information about culture and traditions of its different areas on his Twitter account.
Of and on he was seen travelling the length and breadth of the country to attend festivals and join the locals in their observance of folk traditions, besides creating awareness about the social issues.

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