Pakistan and Electronic Voting Machine System

In the race of science and technology, while the world is moving towards progress, there are also signs of scientific progress in our country, Pakistan. Recently, the Pakistani government has successfully tested the electronic voting machine.

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Of course, this technology can revolutionize the conduct of elections in Pakistan. This technology has been introduced long ago and many countries are using it, even our neighbor India in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections used it. Due to its commitment to technology and cybersecurity, it is enviable for me that the same technology will now be used in our country as well.

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Electronic Voting Machine (EVM):

The electronic voting machine consists of two units, the ballot unit, and the control unit. The ballot unit is the device that the voter will use. The device will have the names of all the candidates and their election symbols on it. A button has been created in front of it. By pressing this button, the voter will be able to vote for his favorite candidate. The names of 16 candidates can be registered on one ballot unit. If the number of candidates in a constituency exceeds 16, then more than two ballot units can be used simultaneously.

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The belt unit and the control unit are connected by a five-meter cable.

The control unit is authorized by the Presiding Officer or the Polling Officer and only he can operate it.

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After the verification of the voter, the polling officer will press the ballot button on the control unit, then the voter will be able to go and cast his vote at the ballot unit. Similarly, another voter will not be able to cast his vote without verifying the voter and pressing the ballot button on the control unit. The polling officer will press the ballot button after verifying each voter and then the voters will be able to cast their vote.
Upon casting the vote, a slip will come out of the ballot machine which will list the name of the selected candidate, the election symbol, and the voter’s tracking ID, the voter’s tracking ID will be specific and similarly, each voter will get a different tracking ID. This slip will be put in the ballot box next to the voter. The same paper ballots will be used later to compare with the digital results.

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Inside the control unit are two secretly sealed buttons, the Result button, and the Close button. At the end of polling time, the polling officer will stop voting by pressing the close button. After that, any button on the ballot unit will not be usable. By pressing the result button, the screen on the control unit will show the total cast votes and the results of each candidate separately.

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Can this electronic voting machine be hacked?

This is a stand-alone machine. In short, the machine does not rely on external devices, meaning it cannot connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, nor can it hold a USB or any external object – even a power cord. Can’t even This machine runs on a completely dry battery, so this machine cannot be hacked.

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But it can also be hacked …

When it comes to the security of this machine and its transfer from one place to another, the chances of it being hacked are also increased here, ie due to poor security or manipulation, if an irresponsible person steals this machine. This machine can be hacked if accessed. The control unit has a display screen that displays the results.

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If a similar simulated display screen is made under which the Bluetooth device is installed and the same display screen is replaced with the real display screen on the control unit, now it will be Bluetooth between the control unit and the smartphone. Will be connected through – and through this contact, you can show your desired results after the end of polling. However, this is just a fantasy.

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May Allah Almighty bless Pakistan and Pakistanis in every field. Amen … Pakistan Zindabad…!!!

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This opinion has been contributed by Shehzad Ahmad. He can be reached at @imshehzadahmad

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