Pakistan Army veterans reject press releases attributed to them

Lahore (May 24, 2022): Pakistan Army veterans have issued statements rejecting the press releases about their backing for the long march planned by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI).

Retired army officers have rejected the press releases being shared in their names. They say that they are not part of the political landscape and should not be dragged into politics. It is pertinent to note that since being ousted from the government, workers and followers of PTI have been directly or indirectly linked with online smear campaigns against the national institutions. 

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There is a concern amongst Army circles that certain social media personalities are instigating the public by spreading anti-institution propaganda. The veterans, therefore, refute press releases being shared regarding the martyrs and veterans of the Pakistan Army.

According to them, no veteran or such organization is structured for political purposes. It’s only for sharing the welfare of the retired community. No one can use it for political purposes. If someone is doing it, he/she is doing it for his/her personal ambitions.

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According to a comment by a retired officer, Ali Quli was not made COAS by Nawaz and the proof of that is in the fact that his son and son in law are PTI ticket holders. It is further stated that Ali Quli is married to Gohar Ayub’s sister and that Omer Ayub is a PTI minister.

The retired officers acknowledge that some of them have political affiliations, which is not bad but, they can’t use veterans forums for such propaganda. They advise against anyone trying to further their political ambitions in the garb of concerned veterans.

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