Pakistan citizen portal effectively addressing public complaints: Adil Saeed

ISLAMABAD, Sep 2 (APP):Deputy Secretary of Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) Adil Saeed Safi on Monday lauded the immense success of Digital Complaint Cell known as ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’ (PCP) which was effectively addressing grievances of the public to improve the internal corrupt system of the offices.

Talking to PTV news channel, he said PTI-led government believes to redress the public problems at the grass root level and has established public complaint cell not only to get the complaints of the people resolved but also get first hand information/feedback from the people about the performance of different government organizations in resolving the public grievances.

He said almost 44 per cent people had shown satisfactory feedback over Pakistan’s citizen’s portal.
Adil Saeed further advised to the citizens to avail this facility not in their own interest but in the interest of govt working for the betterment of whole society.

He said that govt alone could not be successful in all forums of development, monitoring and efficient deliveries of organization but people support in this regard is very much essential.

Safi said the technology based complaint resolution system was launched with the aim to ensure check and balance and give the message that the public sector departments are answerable to masses.
He said Prime minister Citizen’s Portal is first of its kind application in Pakistan which was facilitating citizens on their door steps with free of cost access to Prime minister Imran Khan for the resolution of their problems .

He said PTI-led government want to interact with the people of the country to eliminate corruption, injustice, inequality and anti social elements.

For the first time, such government owned mobile application reached this level in Pakistan, he said, adding, this would not only provide citizens with channels to report any allegation of corruption or other malpractice but would also identify problems and issues that otherwise might not surface.

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