Pakistan Girl Guides hold 5-day training camp

Islamabad: According to BaaghiTV’s report, Pakistan Girl Guide Association held its 5-day training camp this week. In this event young girls taking part from different educational institutions were given lessons in order to make them better citizens of the state and to incorporate the skills of leadership among them.

The head of the event, when interviewed by a reporter, stated that the Girl Guides Association builds up all aspects of a girl’s personality in order to make her fit for her survival in this society. She further said that there are two principles upon which our strategy relies; these principles are: “Learning with doing” and “Learning is fun”.

“We do not rely only upon written education but we believe that it is important to carry out the process of their upbringing in an active manner,” she said. “In this regard, we carry out training camps. As in this particular camp, about 280 girls and leaders are taking part. The purpose of the camp is to enable girls to make do what little resources they have and still rise above and live their lives to the fullest. They lived in simple camps containing simple bedding in order to make them learn how to live in simplicity.

The program was called “Rainbow for girls” in which they learned how to protect themselves especially online as everything is digital these days. We developed a routine in which after Fajr prayer, the girls did exercise. They were also taught a bit about Astrology, in order to make them close to nature. Not only this, but we also increased their awareness regarding environmental pollution concerns.”

When asked to give a message to the women of the country, The head replied, “We have launched a program titled ” Stay safe!” for women in which there are 4 awareness campaigns in total, Number 1 includes their own self-protection,  the second revolves around online security, the third features upon the use of dangerous drugs and medicine while the fourth is centered around emotional well-being.”

This program will be carried out through the efforts of university students who will be trained first and then will reach out to younger girls to spread the message.

A girl guide when questioned about her experience replied that she got worried at first but then with time she made a lot of friends and performed various activities which were a lot of fun.

The event was a huge success and the girls had a great experience and learned a lot.

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